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Ruff Land Kennels

Ruff Land Kennels - X-Large Kennel

Ruff Land Kennels - X-Large Kennel

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  • Made with the same tough material of our other kennels, this kennel will accommodate your largest breed of dog. Designed with straighter sides this kennel can fit through narrow doorways such as campers. Vent hole pattern displayed comes standard (1 3/8") with two finger holes in the back. All kennel sizes except small are outfitted with composite doors, wire door option available for purchase.

    Length: 40 1/4"

    Width: 22 1/4" at widest point

    Height: 30 1/2"


    Length: 39"

    Width: 22" at widest point

    Height: 28"


    Length: 38 1/2"

    Width: 19"

    Weight: Approx. 42 pounds


    Due to the fact that Ruff Land Kennels does not have personal knowledge of your pet we prefer not to recommend sizes of kennels. We feel consulting with your breeder, trainer or vet would give you the best results for sizing. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Ruff FLEX Technology

    The walls, top and floor on Ruff Land™ Kennels also have built-in flexibility which absorbs energy that would otherwise be transferred to your dog. This is where the “stiff”, two-walled plastic kennels, which claim to be safer, fail. They may not break, but when your dog hits the side of the kennel, there is no give like there is with a Ruff Land™.

  • StackRight™ Design

    The tops and bottoms of Ruff Land™ kennels all feature form-fit nesting that allows the kennels to fit together, making them stackable.

  • SureVent™ Tapered Wall Design

    The sidewalls on all Ruff Land™ kennels feature a series of vent holes. These vent holes ensure proper air circulation for your dog. Ruff Land™ took this one step further by tapering the side walls so that the vent holes will never get plugged, even if you slide the kennel up against a wall or some other flat sided object.

  • UpSide™ Raised Floor Interior

    The interior floor in a Ruff Land™ kennel is raised so that debris and liquids that fall or spill off to the side are channeled away from your dog. This UpSide™ raised floor design also creates some flex for a built-in cushioning effect for your dog as it rides in your truck.

  • 2-Way Door

    They are ambidextrous and can be adjusted to swing either way.

  • No Bite Grid Pattern Design

    They feature a no-bite grid pattern that precludes dogs from chewing.

  • Rattle-Less

    They will not rattle as much (if you’ve owned other kennels you know just how annoying this can be).

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